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The Sheba Medical Center is a university-affiliated tertiary referral hospital that serves as Israel's national medical center in many fields.


The medical center was born in 1948 along with the fledgling State of Israel to treat the wounded of Israel's War of Independence. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion personally tasked Dr. Chaim Sheba with the opening of a small military hospital at Tel Litwinsky (later renamed Tel Hashomer, meaning 'Hill of Guardians') to heal the brave men and women injured in the pivotal battle for Jerusalem. Tel Hashomer Hospital became the Sheba Medical Center as it grew to encompass four specialized hospitals and hundreds of medical clinics and scientific laboratories.


Over the past 60 plus years, Sheba Medical Center has revolutionized medical care in Israel: pioneering Israel's first open-heart, artificial heart, congenital heart defect surgeries, founding its foremost rehabilitation facility, and introducing the most advanced medical technologies to Israel and the world.


Today, the Sheba Medical Center combines six major facilities: a vast medical research complex, medical education academic campus, acute care hospital, children's hospital, women's hospital and the country's main rehabilitation hospital.


Sheba comprises 64 medical departments; 75 laboratories; 110 outpatient clinics; 1,200 doctors; 1,500 paramedic professionals; 1,700 technicians and support staff; 1,700 beds; 2,300 nurses; with 6,700 healthcare professionals and scientists on campus. Sheba conducts 31,000 operations annually, and handles 1.5 million patient visits a year.


Sheba Leads Medical Treatment in

Cancer, including hemato-oncology

Cardiovascular diseases


Obstetrics and Gynecology







Sheba is home to Basic and Applied Major Research Centers in

Autoimmune diseases

Cancer genetics and treatment

Cardiovascular diseases

Diabetes and metabolic diseases

Genetics, onco-genetics and fertility

Gynecological and surgical oncology

Hemato and pediatric oncology

Lipids and arthrosclerosis


Stem cell and regenerative medicine


Sheba is Home to Israel's National Health Institutions

Main Rehabilitation Hospital for Terror Victims and IDF Wounded

Israel National Blood Bank

Israel National Center for Autoimmune Diseases

Israel National Center for Cystic Fibrosis

Israel National Center for Glaucoma

Israel National Center for Health Policy and Epidemiology

Israel National Center for Hemophilia

Israel National Center for Medical Simulation

Israel National Center for Multiple Sclerosis

Israel National Center for Newborn Screening

Israel National Center for Spinal Cord Injuries

Israel National Center for Tay Sachs

Israel National Virology Laboratory

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