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Director’s Message
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About Sheba Medical Center
Director’s Message

Prof. Zeev Rotstein

Chief Executive Officer and Director

 "The Sheba Spirit"
A Message from the CEO of the Sheba Medical Center


Dear Visitor;
You have arrived at the web site of a unique and remarkable hospital, the Chaim Sheba Medical Center/Tel Hashomer -- the largest and most comprehensive medical center in Israel and the entire Middle East.


Sheba: The Medical Center of Israel
Serving as a university teaching hospital (affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University) and as a tertiary referral center, the Sheba Medical Center uniquely combines Israel's largest Acute Care Hospital with its national Rehabilitation Hospital. Sheba merges Israel's best advances in high-tech science and medicine with traditional healing services, including the finest nursing faculty and outstanding care for the elderly.

Close to 6,000 health professionals - committed to the highest standards in medical diagnostics and personal medical service -- provide almost four million treatments and medical tests to more than one million patients a year at the Sheba Medical Center.
Patient-Centered Approach to Healthcare
A patient-centered approach defines Sheba's healthcare philosophy.  We aspire to treat the "whole person" with compassion and sensitivity to individual needs -- as if each patient was our only patient! Although we are a large medical center, the "Sheba spirit" provides each of our patients and their families with a human touch.
Medical Excellence and Technological Advancement
Sheba's medical faculty practices the highest standard of care, using the most technologically-advanced medical innovations. We are already known for pioneering technologies that have saved lives and improved the quality of life for numerous patients. We know, however, that we cannot stand still if Sheba is to remain at the leading edge of medical and technological innovation. To this end, we invest tens of millions of dollars annually in research and clinical trials. Moreover, Sheba's senior medical faculty is "open-minded" -- constantly expanding its horizons by the maintenance of high-level collegial contacts with world leaders in medicine and science, and by the conduct of an intensive program of exchange visits with the best medical centers abroad.


Revolutionizing Medical Standards and Education
The Sheba Medical Center seeks to lead a revolution in global healthcare standards in order to reduce and prevent errors in medical treatment and service. Adopting training methodologies and operational assessment techniques from the military and civilian airline industries - such as sophisticated robotic simulators and debriefing protocols -- Sheba has forged a new path in medical education and professional development. The Israel National Center for Medical Simulation (known as MSR), founded by and based at Sheba, is drastically reducing the occurrence of medical mistakes at Sheba and at the many other hospitals in Israel and worldwide who have turned to MSR for guidance and training.


Close Ties to Industry
In addition to providing patient care, the Sheba Medical Center places the development of new medical technologies and pharmaceuticals at the center of its raison d'etre. At Sheba, basic scientists and clinicians work in close synergy with leaders in industry and the high-tech world to co-develop such advances, in proximity to the patient, for the direct benefit of the patient. The transfer of technology and the licensing of intellectual property are increasingly important components of our work. In this way, Sheba is able to link medical-industrial development to the needs of clinicians and patients.


International Reach
Sheba's commitment to compassionate care extends beyond Israel's borders.  We have provided support and supplies in distant areas of need throughout the world, including Kosovo, Armenia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Chernobyl and Rwanda.  Patients come to Sheba from across the Middle East, including from Arab countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel and from the Palestinian Authority. Sheba is extending its medical services to many eastern European and Mediterranean countries, and maintains a special agreement with the Republic of Cyprus. These commitments stem from our hospital's concern for the needy, and from the State of Israel's long-time tradition of contributing to humanitarian relief efforts abroad.
Future Growth and Innovation
The Sheba Medical Center was established shortly after the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 as "Military Hospital No. 5" in the dilapidated barracks of a deserted British military base. Transformed into a civilian facility in 1953, the Sheba Medical Center since then has grown into a 1,900-bed, ultra-modern, university-teaching facility spread across a 150-acre campus, with scientific ties around the world.
Today, we look to lead the next-generations' advances in various medical disciplines, including cardiology, cancer treatment, brain diseases, obstetrics and gynecological treatment, genetics, and medical education -- in a hospital environment where clinical treatment and medical research are closely intertwined, working closely with the bio-tech and medical industries. To this end, we welcome the partnership of visionary philanthropists and investors.


Prof. Zeev Rotstein
Chief Executive Officer and Director


(Curriculum Vita of Prof. Zeev Rotstein)

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