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Bone Marrow Transplant Service


At the Chaim Sheba Medical Center 

The largest in Israel and a global leader 







The Bone Marrow Transplant Service at Sheba is an integral part of the Hematology Department which is among the best in the world  To date, more than 2000 bone marrow transplants, hematopoietic stem cell collections, immunological and immunotherapeutic treatments have been performed at the Bone Marrow Transplant Service of the Sheba Medical Center. As part of the Hematology Department it is in the forefront in the treatment of leukemia, lymphatic cancers and solid tumor cancers.  





















The Bone Marrow Service at the SMC is a well established member in good standing, with an excellent reputation, of both the European (EMBT) and the international (IBMTR) organizations for bone marrow and allogeneic donations  from fully or partially matched family members.  In addition, it is a member in the international organization for allogeneic bone marrow transplants from a matched foreign donor, in classification and tissue matching (NMDP). 


The Service complies with all international criteria governing the issue, routinely participates in, and presents works at international conferences, engages  in research, and publishes in scientific journals.  


Patients receive individualized and personal treatment and receive follow up on a 24 hour basis.   Rooms are equipped with cable TV stereo system, computer, telephone, refrigerator, and other accessories to facilitate a comfortable stay while hospitalized for both patient and family members.  A spacious and well equipped "family" room is available for the use of family members who accompany patients.


The following treatments are available at the BMT Service:

  • Standard chemotherapy
  • Self-transplant following high dosage chemotherapy
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplant: transplant from a family member that is fully matched or transplant from a fully matched foreign donor (MUD),
  • Transplant from a family member who is partially matched (haploidentical transplant),
  • Transplant following low dosage chemotherapy (mini transplant) (LIT,NST), that enables transplants even at advanced ages,
  •  Cord blood transplant (from umbilical cord blood bank)
  • Immunological treatments with cytokines, cell treatments, vaccinations and single-clone antibodies
  • Transplants for non-malignant diseases (genetic and metabolic) in autoimmune diseases, being conducted in close cooperation with Prof. Yehuda Shenfeld an international authority on autoimmune diseases, and Dr. Anat Achiron  a world-renowned leader on MS. 
  • Various disciplines supporting transplant and cancer patients: for example; a clinic headed by Dr. Dror Meirov, a recognized expert on maintaining fertility in cancer patients to provide gynecological consultations;  additional  physicians whose  expertise includes the liver, lungs and infectious diseases (ID), etc.


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