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Research and Development

The Sheba Medical Center is known for excellence in basic and applicable research. We stand at the forefront of research in Onco-Genetics, Hemato-Oncology, Epidemiology of Malignant Diseases and Trauma, Lipids, Diabetes, Hypertension, Onco-Surgery (including research in Breast and Colon Cancer), Immunology, Neuro-Immunology, Alzheimer's Disease, and Psychiatry.

We are the largest university-affiliated hospital in Israel and performs many medical research projects. Much of our research is done in collaboration with our two primary university affiliations: Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University. Master of science and doctorate degree students conduct their basic and clinical research under the supervision of our world-renown faculty.

All research performed at Sheba Medical Center must be submitted to and approved by the IRB-Helsinki Committee (Internal Review Board for human and animal trials). The IRB-Helsinki Committee examines all ethical issues before research begins. After receiving approval, the research is conducted under Ministry of Health guidelines and in accordance with the ICH, GLP, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP).

Our commitment to research excellence is not only evident in the number of research projects we undertake, but also in the stature of our grants. The majority of university or US-Israel bi-national research grants received in Israel are awarded to Sheba Medical Center faculty and staff.

Innovation and Technology

Mindful of its leading role in Israeli medicine, Sheba has set out to pioneer approaches, technologies and research that will benefit its patients and improve health care.

Medicine will change almost completely in the coming years as surgery becomes less and less invasive. Sheba is preparing for this revolution. We have developed our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) which brings together the very best of Israeli and international science, technology, and medicine.

Innovation in Development

The ATC was established to ensure that Sheba keeps abreast of the rapidly moving field on medical technology. Its goals are to educate young physicians, prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century, apply novel technologies in a cost-effective manner, and to serve as initiator, catalyst, and testing center for the Israeli medical technology industry.

The ATC puts clinicians, scientists, academics and industry together under one roof to foster a unified working environment for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. It is intended to act as a focus for new developments in technology. The collaborative and creative environment speeds up the development process and ensures better delivery of patient care, more secure sources of services, and continued emphasis on innovation.

Innovation in Education and Training

In 2000, a National Education Center was established at Sheba for the education of healthcare workers. It houses the Education Center of the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Training Geriatric Professionals, and the Israel Center for Medical Simulation, which is an interesting new approach to training medical professionals. This fully simulated hospital trains doctors, nurses, and paramedics in trauma and diagnostic protocols.

Innovation in Policy

For several years the Gertner Institute of Health Policy and Epidemiology has been operating at Sheba, acting as the Ministry of Health's ‘think tank.’ One of its new initiatives to advocate on behalf of patients is its Health Parliament that engages ordinary citizens on health care priorities.

Sheba’s “Firsts”

Sheba is proud of its many “firsts” in Israel:

  • First in open-heart surgery
  • First test tube baby
  • First artificial heart
  • First Alzheimer's Center
  • First to correct a child's congenital heart defect without surgery
  • First Pediatric Hospice (Marion and Elie Wiesel Children's Pavilion)


Israel's Foremost Medical Research Center

Conducting 25 percent of all Israeli medical research


  • a hospital environment where clinical treatment and medical research are closely intertwined, in proximity to the patient, for the direct benefit of the patient


  • a medical pioneer: conducted Israel's first open heart, artificial heart and pediatric heart surgeries


  • basic scientists and clinicians work in synergy with the Israeli and international bio-tech and medical industries to develop and test new medical technologies and drugs


  • the main clinical trial venue for human health scientific studies conducted by the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Tel Aviv and Bar-Ilan universities


  • one of only two medical centers in Israel with US Department of Health Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) designation - a classification that makes Sheba eligible for U.S. federal research grants involving human clinical trials


  •  leads basic and applied medical research in autoimmune diseases, cancer genetics and treatment, cardiology, diabetes, genetics, gynecological and surgical oncology, hemato and pediatric oncology, lipids, neurosciences, stem cell and regenerative medicine, and more

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