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Innovative Cell replacement therapy for diabetes
Group members

Prof.  Sarah Ferber is the head of the Endocrine Research Unit at the Sheba Medical Center.


Prof. Sarah Ferber is one of the most recognized world leaders in cell replacement therapy for diabetes.


She studied biochemistry at the Technion under the supervision of Professor Avram Hershko and Professor Aharon Ciechanover, winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Joslin Diabetes Lab at Harvard Medical School.


Prof. Ferber's breakthrough discovery suggested that humans carry their own 'stem-cells' throughout adulthood, thus obviating the need for embryonic stem cells for generating an organ in need.


Most of the research was conducted in Prof. Ferber's lab, in the Endocrine Research Lab at theSheba Medical Center, and currently employs 11 scientists.


Prof. Sarah Ferber received TEVA, LINDNER, RUBIN and WOLFSON awards for this research, in addition to "woman of Achievements" award from the Friends of Sheba in LA-CA-USA.


The research in Prof. Ferber's lab has been funded over the past 10 years by the JDRF (4 different grants of about $2.5 million, the Israel Academy of Science foundation (twice, ISF), D-Cure and the Ministry of Health

The Lab Team

Present members


Dr. Irit Meivar-Levy


Dr. Dana Brenerman-Zaitoni


Dr. Vered Elbaz-Aviv


Dr. Keren Shternhall-Ron


Dr. Hila Barash


Ellad Chernihovski


Adi Har-Zahav


Alex Osnis


Julia Tsapman


Yeara Paz



Past members


Dr. Amir Halkin


    Dr. Idit Ber


Dr. Luna Benbenisty


Dr. Shira Perl


Dr. Rona Seijffers


Dr. Shiraz Gefen-Halevi


Dr. Neomi Litichber


Dr. Tamar Sapir


Dr. Itzik Rachmut


Dr. Kfir Molkandof


Dr. Michal Mauda-Havakok


Marina Elgart


Emil Eiden


Yirmi De-rooy



Odelia Nakar


Tamar Blumenfeld


Hamutal Cohen


Zohar Ohanuna


Yulia Einav


Yael Cohen


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